What Animal Never Drinks Water in Its Entire Life?

The tiny kangaroo rat, a native of the southwestern deserts of the United States, never takes a drink of water in its lifetime.

kangaroo rat

What little moisture this tiny rodent needs it gets from eating roots and desert plants. Yet this is enough to keep the kangaroo rat alive.

The kangaroo rat got its name from the fact that it has the same long, powerful legs and the same strong tail as its Australian namesake. It moves about by leaping, but with such accuracy that it can jump over a cactus and land on top of a grasshopper.

When two kangaroo rats fight, they look like tiny mice on pogo sticks!

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3 thoughts on “What Animal Never Drinks Water in Its Entire Life?”

  1. I’m sorry…what makes roots and desert plants/ANYTHING moist, again?

    Technically yes, it never “drinks” water, but you know very well that the question wasn’t being technical- it meant “what animal never NEEDS water in its entire life”.

    Fish never DRINK water, either. That’s so obvious, a kindergartener would’ve said it.

    So answer the real question, please. Orrrr do you not know?

  2. A kangaroo rat never drinks water in it’s life
    It lives in the desert and eats mainly seeds from plants
    It can somehow take all the moisture from the seeds so it never needs to take a drop of water,
    except of couse if it cant find food
    then it dies but i’ve seen a kangaroo rat before
    just go to Death Valley
    they are soooo cute
    they look like hopping hampsters with long tails and feet
    sooo adorable
    im not kidding either just look it up on google or something

    from a smart 8th grader who could answer your question but has a D- in math and C in pretty much everything else

  3. how does a fish not drink water ?? how you gonna live in water and not drink it everytime a fish opens its mouth it fills with water they drink it and live in it!

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