What Are Sno Balls and How Many Different Colors Does a Hostess Sno Ball Come In?

Hostess Sno Balls are spongy half-domes of cake and marshmallow, and traditionally come in white and pink.

Hostess Sno Balls Blue

But the Hostess company isn’t beyond surprising consumers with special colors on holidays or for special events.

For example, when the Broncos made the NFL play-offs, the Hostess bakery in Denver filled each package with one orange and one blue Sno Ball.

For Christmas, Sno Balls come in red or green. For St. Patrick’s Day, they’re all green.

Some of the regional Hostess bakeries will color them for Halloween (orange), July 4th (red, white, and blue), and Easter (yellow and lavender).

Pink Hostess Sno Balls

Final word: Colors look nice, but think twice about eating a yellow Sno Ball.