What are some examples of Blacks in Congress During Reconstruction from 1865-1875?

Hcram R. Revels (Mississippi), 1870-1871: The first black U.S. senator; in 1852, as pastor at the St. Paul AME Church in St. Louis, he defied the law by allowing slaves to worship in his church and starting a school to teach black children to read and write.

Blanche K. Bruce (Mississippi), 1875-1881: A former slave, he was educated at Oberlin College and was a tax assessor and sheriff before becoming the first black man to serve a full six-year term in the U.S. Senate.

Robert Smalls (South Carolina), 1875-1879 and 1881-1887: Born a slave, he fought in the Confederate army as a seaman, and was commended for his heroic act of delivering his ship to the Union army. After his term in Congress, President Benjamin Harrison appointed him collector of the port of Beaufort, South Carolina, his birthplace.

Joseph H. Rainey (South Carolina), 1870-1879

Jefferson F. Long (Georgia), 1870 , 1871

Benjamin S. Turner (Alabama), 1871-1873

Robert C. DeLarge (South Carolina), 1871-1873

Robert B. Elliott (South Carolina), 1871-1875

Josiah T. Walls (Florida),1871-1877 Richard H. Cain (South Carolina), 1873-1875 and 1877-1879 Alonzo J. Ransier (South Carolina), 1873-1875

James T. Rapier (Alabama), 1873-1875

John R. Lynch (Mississippi), 1873-1877, 1882-1883

Jeremiah Haralson (Alabama), 1875-1877

John A. Hyman (North Carolina), 1875-1877

Charles E. Nash (Louisiana), 1875-1877