What are some Words and Phrases and Jargon in the Chinook language?

tupso kopa latate meant hair
saghalie tyee yaka book meant the Bible
tupso , grass (Chinook)
kopa , on (Chinook)
saghalie , heaven (Chinook)
latate , the head (mispronunciation of the French words la tete)
tyee , chief (Nootka)
yaka , his (Chinook)
book , book (English)
cly tumtum meant to mourn
cly , cry (mispronunciation of English)
tumtum , heart (invented word mimicking the sound of a heartbeat)
kah cole chako meant the north kah , where (Chinook)
cole , cold (mispronunciation of English)
chako , is (Nootka)
man yaka delate kumtux potlatch wawa meant orator
man , man (English)
yaka , who (Chinook)
delate , definitely (mispronunciation of the English word straight)
kumtux , knows (Nootka)
potlatch , how to give (Nootka)
wawa , a speech (Chinook)