What Causes Ocean Currents?

Water moves continuously through the ocean in huge rivers called currents. Currents may flow on the surface of the ocean, where they are shallow, or they may flow far below the surface, where they are deeper.

atlantic ocean currents

Ocean currents are set in motion by the wind. The rotation of the earth moves them clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counter clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.

In places where deeper currents flow below surface currents, the deeper ones flow in the opposite direction of the surface ones.

There are currents which flow along the Equator in each of the major oceans. These currents carry warm water.

But when these currents reach a continent, they split, with one current going north and the other going south. As the water gets farther and farther away from the Equator, it cools. So when it turns back to the Equator, either clockwise or counter clockwise, it becomes a cold current.

To see the path a current can take, we can look at the Gulf Stream. It begins in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and passes through the Straits of Florida. It then flows in a northeasterly direction across the Atlantic Ocean towards Europe, often traveling as fast as 138 miles a day.

Once out in the ocean, the Gulf Stream breaks up into other currents: the North Atlantic Current, which turns north towards the British Isles and into the Arctic; the Canary Current, which turns south along the coast of Africa; and one part of the Gulf Stream, which turns south in the middle of the Atlantic, then west around the Sargasso Sea.

The Gulf Stream’s warm waters are responsible for keeping many northern European ports free of ice during that area’s cold winters.

Large ocean liners and tankers “ride” ocean currents to speed travel time.

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  1. With all this global warming, there could be no ocean currents soon. For example, the Gulf Stream current travels due to the difference in salinity that can be found in water. Because the polar ice is melting, the salinity seems to fade away and when the difference in salinity will stop to exist, well, the Gulf Stream will be no more and that will have major consequences on the climate.

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  3. I am the one who wrote the previous message. I need to make a bit of a correction. Volcanos do not put out that much greenhouse gases. They do however produce that much chlorine, which does affect ozone layer. Thus causing Antarctica to melt. Well that and any volcanic ash that falls on the glaciers.

  4. Hello. About global warming. Understand this. One, JUST ONE, volcanic eruption puts out 1000 times more greenhouse gases than man has since the start of the industrial era, since man has started putting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. There were 16 volcanic eruptions since the year 1900, Mt. St. Helens erupted in 1980 in America. Each eruption, putting 1000s of times the amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, than we have put.

    I will not argue that we not helping. There are solutions to our energy problems out there, but the power brokers ( the oil companies, electric companies…) would lose billions if allowed to surface. Cars can be designed to get 100s of miles to the gallon, but not happening. Why???

  5. the first guy, he went a bit too far and i don’t agree with some of his statements, but i also don;t agree with some of yours
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    myth is like the game of tellaphone. one person tells one thing to the next, then the next and so one. at the end, the first person usually says onething, and the last a totally different thing.
    what does ocean currents have anything to do with this, well God supposely made everything so everything is god’s
    now im not here to make ppl into God freaks like that first guy, but just to tell u this. people might say it take great faith and that we are crazy into beleiving a God, but wouldn’t it take great faith to not beleive?
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    In conclusion, if an individual such as yourself is allowed to continue to think in this manner, it is my opinion that such individuals should not be allowed to share in the scientific advancements of mankind, therefore

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  8. how do you know the bible is true?
    i mean, i have this conversation ALL the time,
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    I absolutally HATE HATE HATE it when people state their opinions about GOD and THE BIBLE, where they don’t belong. What does ocean currents have anything to do with this.
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    if you hate all the ‘big bang theory’ stuff, why must you tell us?
    once again , most people here probably DONT care.

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  11. The description of the reasons for ocean currents is over simplistic

    Even starting with no currents at all worldwide, currents would soon become established because of heat from the sun, rotation of the earth,rainfall creating rivers creating water flows/salinity
    Even if the atlantic conveyor were to stop, water temperature in the caribbean would rise very significantly (heat is currently transferred northward by the gulfstream, making the caribbean water cooler than they would otherwise be), in turn creating tremendous hurricanes. WIth the enormous winds created and huge amounts of water dumped inland these themselves would tend to create new currents (though not necessarily re-starting the altlantic conveyor)

  12. Interesting conversation to read, considering I’m really just doing science homework right now and looking up ocean currents. But I absolutely have to add my two cents.

    Listening to everyone talk about how complex currents are is really interesting to me, because people are saying how if anything were to change just a little big life would be chaos. This is totally proof that God exists! Seriously, what are the chances that everything in nature would be balance so perfectly if it was all random? Did you guys know that there is only a very small area in the galaxy that has the right amount of heat for life? And out of that small area, Earth is positioned in the one area that allows us to view the universe clearly? That is not by chance. No matter what you believe, something had to begin it. You might as well believe that there is a supreme being, it is actually a lot less far fetched then the whole “Big Bang Theory” idea. And like someone said earlier, every creation has a creator.

  13. you have it backwards.
    Krill cause the ocean currents, ocean currents cause the wind, etc etc all the way up.

    destroy the Krill by destroying their environment, and you destroy the environment for everyone else that uses it… including us.

    butterfly in china… you know the rest.

  14. one, evolution CAN be the answer to how, just not to why.
    two, the universe is random. think of all the millions of extinct species from the past.
    three, we know nothing of the universe. we cant even comprehend its size.
    four, the big bang happend billion of years ago and our earth is a result of constant change.
    five, the earth is not balanced at all. Humans have existed for about 1000,000 years. Compared to the time Earth has existed, we are next to nothing in history.
    six, extreme climate change has happend a million times in the past, it will happen a million times in the future.
    And Finally seven, DONT BE A SLAVE TO IGNORANCE, embrace all knowledge and you will be better for it. There are gaps in science as well as the bible, choose what works for you, and dont critisize others.

    In the Bible it says god gave us freewill, meaning we control our world not him. If he Does exist, hes just waiting to see what happens.

  15. i thought the tides were effected by the moon? not currents. what i learned in my marine biology class is that pressure/density, wind, temp, and the spin of the earth cause currents.

  16. Omg, Anonymous is definitely not a real bright cookie, but you keep engaging this person…stop. We need factual, interesting, scientific evidence… This peron is definitely a brain washed zealot…and you cannot hold an intellegent conversation with someone like that, so stop trying. I doubt this person as anything beyond a HS education…sounds like something my JW relatives espouse, except they don’t beleive in H E Double L.

  17. Three things come into play to explain causes of ocean currents:
    1. temperature.
    2. air pressure.
    3. wind.
    This can be perfectly explained in a circular illustration.

  18. ANyone who is commenting about god can stop, we are talking about ocean currents here, so bugger off and talk to some one who cares. things didnt just come together like some of you say. god didnt just created a whole universe for fun. the big bang THEORY is just a THEORY it doesnt mean its true but same with god. WHICH ever one makes more sense to you i dont really care just leave your stupid comments that have nothing to do with anything some where else

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