What Do People Do with Their Fingernail Cuttings?

“Throw them away, of course!” would probably be your answer. And that is exactly what most people do. But in some societies, where superstitions are strong, fingernail cuttings are believed to be used by sorcerers for casting evil spells against their owners. Therefore, the cuttings are carefully guarded or hidden.

Another old superstition claims that putting your nail cuttings in the wine of someone you love will attract that person to you.

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1 thought on “What Do People Do with Their Fingernail Cuttings?”

  1. I never throw mine away as I like to chew on them. I’ve been a nail biter my whole life so I think chewing on themis a part of it. Well actually not only do I chew them but I also end up eating them as well. It would really gross people out but it’s something I just like to do and I never want to break the habit.
    I really like it when I have clippings from my big toes as they are the best to chew on. There is something satisfying about those ones.

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