What happened to Michael Jackson’s Chimpanzee Bubbles after he rescued the Chimp from a Cancer Research Lab?

Michael Jackson claimed he rescued the chimpanzee Bubbles from a cancer-research lab in Texas.

For a few years the two cute little primates were inseparable, and the chimp was pampered.

Bubbles reportedly had twenty matching designer outfits and got his own hotel room when he traveled, and Jackson talked baby talk to him while changing the chimp’s diapers.

what happened to michael jacksons chimpanzee bubbles after he rescued the chimp from a cancer research lab

How precious.

However, the baby chimp grew up and became less cute and more unpredictable. He began challenging Jackson for the dominant male position, and Jackson had trouble holding his own in the competition.

In 1988 Jackson claimed that Bubbles had slugged him, and after conferring with primate expert Jane Goodall, he gave his eleven-year-old chimp friend to a private zoo.

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