What is a Burro?

A Burro is a small Donkey, and is the Spanish word for the animal.

This extremely intelligent animal, which lives in herds and wanders freely in many national parks, is quite a character. Many of the herds that live in Death Valley enter the campgrounds of visiting tourists and turn on the water faucets.

They have also learned to kick in weak spots in the old water pipes so that water will trickle out and they can quench their thirst.

The burro has no natural enemies and usually lives to be 25 or 30 years old, although some reach the age of 50. The female burro has a new baby every year. Most of them grow to be healthy adults, and that is why the burro population in the United States is growing by leaps and bounds.

Right now, there are over 13,000 burros roaming the parks. Did you know that a burro can smell water as far away as a camel can and can go up to 24 hours without a drink?