What is Spanglish and Where did Spanglish come from?

Spanglish is the informal name for a brand of Spanish peppered with borrowed words or phrases from English.

Even in Latin America, some Hispanics routinely use words like lonche (for “lunch”) or jonron (for “home run”) because the word pleases the ear or best expresses a certain shade of meaning.

Puerto Ricans like to throw a pahry, from the English “party”, and shop at a marqueta (“market”).

Among bilingual Hispanic Americans, conversation often drifts easily from Spanish to English and back.

Spanglish is especially handy for discussing new technologies. To say “I am e-mailing,” speakers of what is called CyberSpanglish say, “Estoy emaileando.” To say “Click the mouse,” they do not use raton, Spanish for “mouse,” but say simply, “Clickea el mouse.”