What Is the Best Way To Demonstrate How the Planet Uranus Is Tilted On Its Axis With a Sphere?

To get a sense of Uranus’s unique rotation and revolution, you may want to create a model of it.

This is easy enough to do.

Find a ball, or other spherical object, and mark an equator and a north and south pole on it.

Hold the ball with the north pole at the top and begin a typical west-toeast rotation.

While continuing the rotation, tilt the ball to the left slightly more than one-quarter of a circle.

You may need to use two hands.

The north pole will end up just below where the ball’s equator was. You will see that the rotation has magically become an east-towest rotation.

As you hold the ball in front of you, imagine that you are the Sun.

While keeping the rotation going, aim the north pole toward yourself. Begin moving the ball in orbit around yourself: pole to equator to pole to equator.

Notice that the poles receive a lot of sunlight before the equator gets a chance at some.

That’s their 42-year-long day and 42-year-long night.