What Is the Seventh Planet From the Sun, How Big Is Uranus, and How Far Is the Planet Uranus From the Sun?

Uranus is the third gas giant and the seventh planet from the Sun.

The planet Uranus has a diameter of about 30,000 miles (50,000 Km), and is the size of 63 earths.

Uranus is roughly 2 billion miles, or 3 billion Km (about 20 AU) from the Sun.

The planet’s equator rotates about where we would expect to find the north and south poles.

Uranus appears to be a smooth, pale blue orb, but we can’t see through the atmosphere to the surface.

We aren’t even sure where the planet ends and the atmosphere begins.

We do know that Uranus, like Saturn, has rings, but they are not as obvious.

It’s a cold, slow, distant planet with fifteen moons.

Uranus is best known for its odd rotational tilt.