What is the Code Talker Alphabet and Which Navajo words represents each letter?

The Navajo Code Talkers used Navajo words to stand in for English words or phrases.

For instance, de-he-tih-hi (Navajo for “humming bird”) meant “fighter plane” and besh-lo (“iron fish”) meant submarine.

The Code Talkers memorized a special alphabet to spell out uncommon English words, like place-names. In this alphabet, a different Navajo word was used to represent each letter.

what is the code talker alphabet and which navajo words represents each letter

a wol-la-chee ant
b shush bear
c moasi cat
d be deer
e dzeh elk
f ma-e fox
g klizzie goat
h lin horse
i tkin ice
j tkele-cho-gi jackass
k klizzie-yazzie kid
l dibeh-yazzie lamb
m na-as-tso-si mouse
n nesh-chee nut
o ne-ahs-jah owl
p bi-so-dih pig
q ca-yeilth quiver
r gah rabbit
s dibeh sheep
t than-zie turkey
u no-da-ih Ute
v a-keh-di-glini victor
w gloe-ih weasel
x al-an-as-dzoh cross
y tsah-as-zih yucca
z besh-do-gliz zinc

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