What Is the Mystery of Crazy Horse’s Grave?

When this great Sioux warrior died, he was secretly buried, and only his parents knew the location of his grave.

They kept the secret, and it died with them. Chief Crazy Horse was the greatest of the Oglala Sioux and after he and Sitting Bull defeated General Custer, the U. S. Army decided that Crazy Horse must be captured.

It took almost a year, but the combination of lack of food and overwhelming odds finally forced Crazy Horse to surrender. On May 6, 1877, he led his people back to the reservation and the man, oddly enough, began to serve as a scout with General Nelson Miles, who had defeated him.

Four months later, in September 1877, he was mistakenly arrested and in the confusion tragically bayoneted by an army private.

His body was given to his parents for burial, and they took him away in secret. Chief Crazy Horse was 36 years old when he died.