What Is the Mystery of the Great Serpent Mound In Hillsboro Ohio?

Near Hillsboro, Ohio, is a large mound of earth that stretches a distance of a quarter of a mile.

It seems to be just another of the burial mounds built in the Midwest by the Indians who lived in the area long before the white man came. It isn’t. There is something very special about this mound.

It is shaped like a giant serpent. The only way to really see this “marvel” is from an airplane. From the air, it can be seen that the snake’s body lies in seven big loops, and inside the monster serpent’s giant jaws is a wall of earth in the shape of an egg.

The average height of the body from head to tip is about five feet, and it is twenty feet in width. Unlike other Indian mounds, in which ancient bowls, pipes, or jewelry have been uncovered, no man-made objects have ever been found near the Great Serpent Mound.

Some scientists believe it is the burial place of Indian medicine men, but nobody is sure.