Who Discovered The Silver Sidewalk In Cobalt, Ontario, Canada?

Like gold, silver comes in many different forms. It comes as pure silver when it is found as nuggets, slabs, and in wires.

The wires are sometimes thick, but sometimes they are as fragile and thin as the electric wires you have in your house. This is supposedly the finest silver you can find.

However, the “silver sidewalk” was a piece of solid silver that could make you rich. It was found at the La Roa Mine in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada. This huge piece of silver was as long as a ten-story building and as deep as six stories. It consisted of 658,000 ounces of pure silver.

A great nugget of pure silver that weighed 1,842 pounds was taken from the Smuggler’s Mine in Aspen, Colorado, and had to be hauled out by huge chains because it was so heavy.

The Silver Sidewalk was discovered by 2 Railroad workers, J.H, McKinley and Ernest Darragh in 1903.

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  1. Silver was discovered in Cobalt on Aug. 3, 1903 by McKinley & Darragh.

    The Silver Sidewalk was discoverd by Murlock McLeod, John McLeod, Douglas Crawford and Thomas Crawford in July of 1904. The wide vein of massive native silver was discovered on an old canoe portage trail between Kerr Lake and Giroux Lake. COBALT, Ontario.

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