What Is the World’s Largest Port?

Rotterdam is located in the delta of the Rhine River, one of Europe’s most important waterways.

Many of the barges that ply the Rhine, and seagoing ships that reach Rotterdam through a channel linking it with the North Sea, load and unload their cargo at Rotterdam. All these barges and ships make this Dutch city the largest port on earth.

The port of Rotterdam can handle at least 300 big ships at one time. More than 31,000 seagoing ships and 200,000 barges use the port of Rotterdam in an average year.

In fact, about 280 million tons of seagoing cargo pass through Rotterdam annually. How much cargo is that? All the ports in the United States together handle about 750 million tons of cargo in a year!

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  1. Worlds busiest port is SINGAPORE. Singapore takenover Roterdam position since 1986. Roterdam was the busiest port since 1962 till a986 only. Now worlds busiest ports are Singapore,Shangai,Hongkong,Shenzen,etc., Singapore is the best and busiest port in the world which handles more than 4million TEU(20′ equivalent units) per month.ingapore also the World’s busiest port by shipping tonnage since 1986
    World’s busiest container port in 1990, 1991, 1998, 2005 and 2006
    World’s busiest transshipment port
    World’s busiest bunkering port since 1988
    Was the World’s busiest by cargo tonnage until overtaken by Shanghai in 2005

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