What Is Water Witching And Does It Really Work?

Water witching is what some people call the finding of underground water with the use of a divining rod. Water Witching is sometimes called Dowsing, divining, or doodlebugging.

Certain people, including many scientists, do not believe in divining rods, but others are equally sure that they work. What happens is this. A person called a dowser, diviner, or sometimes even a water witch, hunts for underground water with the help of a “Y”- shaped stick.

He or she walks back and forth over an area of ground holding the stick out in front of him by the two arms of the “Y”. When the stick jumps around or points to the ground, it is taken as the signal that there is water under the earth.

Dowsers generally use wooden or metal sticks. Most are “Y” shaped, but others are as straight as a cane. There are dowsers who don’t use rods but use keys, pliers, or electrical equipment.

There are about 25,000 dowsers in the United States.