What Parts of the World Have Never Been Visited by Man?

Although the highest mountain peaks have been climbed and the densest forests have been visited, there are still about 140,000,000 square miles of unexplored area on earth. Those miles are found on the ocean floor, with its winding valleys, towering mountains, steep canyons, and vast plains.

On land, there are still some remote areas that can be reached only on foot. Some of these as yet unexplored places are in the mountains of New Guinea and in the jungles of Africa and the Amazon.

Then, too, there are the colder regions still to be visited and explored. However, these regions, the Greenland icecap, northwest Siberia, and Antarctica, can only be reached by dog teams.

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  1. Hey, I am a photographer and explorer. I would be interested in taking this trip with you into the Amazon next year. Send me some more information about your plans and intent.

  2. i’m willing and enthusiastic about such Venture into the wild and dangerous unknowns. Hope we discover aborigines, with vast stack of wealth to mash and grab… haha

  3. Hey, i would love to trek through the amazon, how many of you are going? and when exactly? I was heading to central/south america around early Feb anyway.

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  9. I’d be very interested in joining anyone planning to take a trip to a remote or mysterious destination in the future. Any one planning such a trip, be it the Amazon, or any other partially explored region of this planet, I would very much like to be a part of that.

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  11. I want to go on adventure sometime, across Canada or iceland or greenland or norway or something, I wanna visit the forests but i dont know about the amazon.

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