What Type of Space Suits Do Space Shuttle Astronauts Wear During Launch and Landing and What Color Are They?

Space suits on the space shuttles are required only for launch and landing.

There are so many astronauts now, space suits are no longer individually tailored to each one.

The different parts, arms, legs, torso, etc., come in different sizes and need only be attached to each other for a customized fit.

A layer of tubing filled with a cool liquid is closest to the skin.

The outer suit is made of many layers, including dacron, thermal nylon, urethane, and aluminum (mylar).

The boots are already attached to the pants.

The torso is made of inflexible fiberglass, and the helmet is attached. This section is put on like a suit of armor, over the head.

The life-support systems and a radio are contained in a built-in backpack.

Space shuttle space suits are orange.