Where Did Rats Come From?

Today, rats can be found everywhere in the world. But it wasn’t always like that.

where do rats originate

The rat is a native of Asia, and was unknown in Europe during ancient times, except in ports where ships from Asia docked.

The first kind of rat to reach Europe was the black rat, which came from southern Asia during the 13th century and helped spread the bubonic plague, a disease that killed about one-third of the people in Europe.

Then, during the 18th century, another kind of rat, the brown rat, began to reach Europe from its home in central Asia. This rodent, also known as the Norwegian rat, is bigger than the black rat, and has driven the earlier invader out of most cities.

A female rat can give birth to 50 babies in a year.

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9 thoughts on “Where Did Rats Come From?”

  1. why do people hate rats and think there dirty and evil but i have rats they take bathes like 100 times a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rats…… They may not be the prettiest creatures alive, but they cannot be called a monstrosity. They are pests, yes, but monsters? No. They are just trying to live like every other creature on this earth. I don’t like them much but I hold a respect in their ability to survive.

  3. i have 6 rats and they all no there names and they no how to dance and stay and walk a tight rope they are the sweetest pets ever.

  4. i had rats and i think they are the most beautiful animals alive !! some people do not like them but calling them a monstrosity is horrible !! they are such clever little animals and very lovingg the only thing i did not like was them steeling my bed :L :)

  5. Rats are sooo funny and sweet. Yes their not to cute but they are truly adorable!! :D
    Honestly they are better than hamsters cause rats don’t bite as much and they arent mean.
    Their a great pet to have if you take care and are nice to it.

  6. I have a rat. She comes when on comand, she snuggles, plays games, is litterbox trained, and walks on a leash. Rats are trained fairly easy, and can be taught tricks within just a couple days of practice. She is very loving and loyal, and greets me when I come home to relax in my bedroom. Rats are very cute, just people give them a bad rep, and they arn’t that bad. Their ability to survive matches our own. Rats are even becoming imune to poison. Rats follow people because its a survival stategy, they arn’t trying to bug us, a matter of fact, most wild rats hide from people.

  7. Rats are and can be very dangerous there whole purpose for being is to multiply and used as a food source for higher animals. They are notorious disease carriers. (Plague, rat bite fever,and other nasty illness. ) rats are very smart NOT AT ALL LIKE MICE. Rats are here to stay but can be controlled with proper knowledge.

  8. rats, to me can be cute depending on the circumstances of what the rat is doing and where it is. but having them as a pet or hating them is just a personal choice of every one. no they aren’t good to have infesting your house, but it is just in they’re nature to live where ever they can, and the choices of where they live doesn’t stop at your home. in other words its just natural for them, which doesn’t make them monsters. and having them as pets is a great thing if you like them. to each they’re own. i don’t hate rats but I wouldn’t like it if they were infesting my home. in other words, for me it depends on the rat and what they are in my life-(like if they are infesting my home. or are my pet.) rats are good in some circumstances, but aren’t so good in other times! rats are just rodents and it’s ridiculous to fight over them as if they were life or death! again-(TO EACH THEY’RE OWN!) stop fighting with each other cause all it does in this matter is make you mad and make you look weird for fighting over such a small thing! in other words save the fire for arguing, for something worth it!

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