Which Country Has The Largest Bird In The World, A Walking Fish, And A Bird That Can’t Fly?

Australia is not just the land of strange animals. There are also birds in Australia that can be found nowhere else on earth.

One of these is the emu, a big bird that cannot fly. The emu looks much like the ostrich, and after the ostrich it’s the largest bird on earth, sometimes standing five feet tall. After a female emu lays her eggs, it’s the male emu and not the female that sits on them until they hatch!

You won’t have to travel very far from the emu’s home to find the third largest bird on earth. It’s the cassowary, which is found in New Guinea and parts of Australia. Like the ostrich and emu, its slightly larger cousins, the cassowary cannot fly.

Even fish behave strangely in Australia. The Australian walking fish uses its fins to walk out of the water and onto a beach. Sometimes it climbs trees in search of insects to eat!