Which Country Is the Worst Air Polluter In the World and How Much Carbon Dioxide Does the U.S. Produce?

The United States is the worst air polluter in the world, responsible for one-fourth of all carbon dioxide emissions.

Carbon dioxide emissions result from burning fossil fuels, such as gasoline, oil, natural gas, and coal.

China is the world’s second worst air polluter, accounting for 12 percent of carbon dioxide emissions, followed by Russia, Japan, Indonesia, and India.

Most of these emissions result from industrial activity. However, automobile emissions send large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and the United States has more cars than any other country in the world.

As China, Russia, and other industrialized countries continue to expand their economies, their percentage of carbon emissions will increase.

Many experts say that carbon emissions are causing the average temperatures on Earth to rise, a phenomenon known as global warming.

The average person in the United States uses 23 times as much fossil fuel energy as the average person in India.

In the United States, there are 750 motor vehicles for every 1,000 people. In China, there are eight vehicles for every 1,000 people.