Which Is the Widest Bridge in the World?

You probably can name some of the world’s longest bridges.

But do you know where to find the world’s widest bridge? It’s the Sydney Harbor Bridge, in the Australian city of Sydney.

This steel-arch bridge, built in 1932, has a total length of 3,770 feet and a span of 1,670 feet, making it one of the longest steel-arch bridges in the world. And the bridge is 160 feet wide, wider than any other long-span bridge on earth.

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is wide enough for eight lanes of traffic, two railroad tracks, and a pathway for pedestrians and bicyclists!

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5 thoughts on “Which Is the Widest Bridge in the World?”

  1. The widest bridge in Europe is in Rochdale, where a road goes lenthways along a river (also spanning it) with a length of 450m, if you instead consider bridge leangth to be the bank to bank distance then it has a width of 450m.

  2. The worlds widest bridge is now the new port man bridge in The Greater Vancouver Area in Canada which crosses the Fraser river from Surrey into Coquitlam ( will be completed in 2013~). At 65 meters wide it beats the Sydney Harbor Bridge (which is the official record holder) by 16 meters. It will have two HOV lanes, Bus lanes, bike lanes and four other lanes with one designated for trucks and other large slow moving vehicles. It will also be the second largest extradosed bridge in North America just after the Golden Ears Bridge which is just upstream in the next suburb, Langley of Metro Vancouver. Most government officials are opposed to the bridge as it encourages suburban sprawl and decreases public transit ridership causing one of the most high density cities and highest daily public transit commuted cities in North America to become a second “Los Angeles.”

  3. The O’Connell bridge in Dublin, Ireland is the only Bridge in Europe and maybe, maybe the world that is wider than it is in length across the river Liffey.

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