Who Carved the Jeffers Petroglyphs In Minnesota and Where Did the Carvings Come From?

Archaeologists believe that Native Americans carved pictures of people, deer, elk, turtles, spearthrowers, and other designs into areas of rock in southwestern Minnesota between 5,000 and 2,500 years ago.

About 2,000 images can be seen in outcrop of red Sioux quartzite bedrock that juts out of the middle of a wide prairie.

More than 50 sites of ancient Indian rock art have been found throughout the state.

who carved the jeffers petroglyphs in minnesota and where did the carvings come from

There is a visitor center in Comfrey, Minnesota, where you can see and learn more about the Jeffers petroglyphs.

The Minnesota Historical Society purchased the site from W. R. Jeffers, Jr. in 1966.

There is one boat for every six people in Minnesota, more than any other state.

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