Who Invented Sunglasses and How did Sunglasses Originate?

In the thirteenth century, the Chinese invented dark glasses to be worn by judges so that none in the courtroom could read their eyes.

Who Invented Sunglasses and How did Sunglasses Originate

The narrowly slit Eskimo goggles are prehistoric and are a protection against snow-blindness, not the direct sun.

Modern sunglasses were a consequence of twentieth-century flight, designed by the American Army Air Corps in 1932 to keep the glare out of a pilot’s eyes.

Tinted spectacles were often prescribed for people with syphilis in the 19th century because one of the symptoms of the disease was sensitivity to light.

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  1. I’m looking for the old style snow blindness eye protection ,which Lee Marvin wore in the
    movie the “Hunt” with Charles Brownson. They have straight slits at precise angles on each
    eye cover.Possibly made of aluminum with leather straps to tie.I’m gonna make -em if no
    one remembers these antiques.I realize, at this circa of time newer technology is better,
    but they look coooollllll . end transmission…………..

  2. robert did you ever find those sun glasses that lee marvin wore.i want a pair. send me a e-mail let me know. thanks……

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