Who Invented the Bowler Hat, How Did it Get its Name, and When Was the English Icon In Fashion?

The caricature of an Englishman used to include an umbrella, a brief-case, and a bowler hat.

Although this is an outdated image, it still recalls a class system that defines the British character.

The first bowler was designed in the mid-1800s by London hatters James and George Lock as a protective riding hat for Thomas William Coke.

who invented the bowler hat how did it get its name and when was the english icon in fashion

The headgear became synonymous with property owners and consequently the gentry or well-to-do.

The hat got its name from Thomas and William Bowler, the hat-makers who produced Coke’s prototype.

Americans call this hat a derby, probably because it was so prevalent within the wealthy compound at major horse races.

Winston Churchill (1874-1965) was one of the last of his generation to make the bowler high fashion.

London’s trademark black high-roofed taxicabs were designed so that gentlemen wouldn’t have to remove their bowlers.

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