Who was the youngest pope elected in history and when?

Pope Benedict IX, known prior to his post as Theophylactus, and afterward as the Boy Pope, was only about 18 years old when his father essentially bought him the papal seat in 1032.

The problem with kids is that they never appreciate what’s been given to them: He sold the papacy to his uncle in 1044 as he was fleeing from hostile factions.

After things cooled down, Benedict got a case of seller’s remorse and forcibly reclaimed the papacy in 1045.

He held it for only a month before he lost it again, but the spunky little guy wouldn’t give up, reseizing the office again in 1047 before being run out of Rome for good. It’s said he died in penitence for his evil deeds at a monastery in 1056.

But, not surprisingly, he’s not the church’s favorite pope.