Why Can’t Chickens Fly, How Far Can Chickens Fly, and What is the Longest Distance Flown By a Chicken?

Domestic chickens can indeed fly, but are not capable of long distance flight.

can chickens fly

Most chickens are able to fly for short distances, such as over fences or into trees where they roost in the wild.

Chickens will also sometimes fly to explore their surroundings, but usually only fly when threatened and to escape predators.

The premise behind the movie Chicken Run was that chickens can’t fly, but it is a myth, and it’s just a movie.

What is more accurate is that chickens can’t fly very far.

With their heavy bodies and small wings, chickens can only fly about a hundred yards or so.

The record for longest distance flown by a chicken is about 230 yards, but still, that’s farther than an emu, ostrich, penguin, or kiwi can get.

What is the final word on chickens? Chickens can fly. Pigs can’t.