Why Do Fish Jump Out of Their Tanks and What Is the Best Way To Prevent Fish From Jumping Out of the Tank?

Fish jumping out of tanks small or large is quite a common problem for enthusiasts, and is the reason why some owners choose to have a glass cover on the top of their aquarium.

There are several theories as to why fish might jump from a small aquarium.

It has been suggested that one reason fish leap from the water is that in the wild they use this method to attempt to rid themselves of parasites.

Depending on the gender and species mix of the fish in their aquarium, it is possible that their fish could have been leaping to avoid predators or unpleasant interactions with other creatures.

They could even be showing off to fish of the opposite sex, in some previously unknown courtship or territorial ritual.

In the meantime, our sincere condolences go out to all those who have lost a fish to a death by jumping.

To captive fish, the air on the other side of the aquarium glass looks like water.

And even in fish world, the water is always cleaner on the other side.

As mentioned when we first spoke, a cover on top of the tank would stop future jumpers from killing themselves.

Just remember to leave enough room for them to breathe.