Why Do Muslims Pray Five Times a Day and Why is Ritual Prayer Performed Facing Towards the Kaaba in Mecca?

Muslims pray five times a day in response to an order from God.

Prayers must be said just before sunrise, after the sun peaks at noon, in the late afternoon, just after sunset, and between sunset and midnight.

The ritual of prayer involves a series of actions that go with the words of a prayer.

Everyday thoughts must be put aside before praying, otherwise no benefit will be realized.

Everyone from the age of seven is encouraged to take part in prayer.

In the beginning, before life became too busy, Christians also prayed five times a day.

The Kaaba is a cube-shaped building in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and is the most sacred site in Islam.

The building predates Islam and according to Islamic tradition, the first building at the site was built by Abraham.