Why Do People In India Eat Silver?

They do in India. Silver can be hammered till it is 150 times thinner than a page of this book.

In India, they take this very, very thin silver and decorate food to make it look pretty. They then eat the food and the decoration, too. How would you like to see a silver chicken on your dinner table?

In fact, in India, they coat pills and medicines with silver. Fifteen percent of the world’s entire supply of silver is owned by this large country. Much of that amount is used in the bracelets and jewelry the Indians wear.

It is like having a portable bank that you can carry around with you. If they need money, they can just remove a piece of jewelry and sell it. The people who pound silver into very thin sheets have to work very hard.

A silver pounder must make his hammer hit the metal two times a second, so in one minute he will have pounded the silver 120 times. It takes 18,000 hits to make the silver 150 times thinner than this piece of paper.