Why Is There No Gravity in Space?

There certainly is gravity in space! If there wasn’t, the moon wouldn’t revolve around the earth, and the planets wouldn’t revolve around the sun.

The strength of the force of gravity between any two objects depends on two factors: the mass of the two objects and the distance between them. The heavier the objects are, the stronger the gravitational force between them. The greater the distance between them, the weaker this gravitational force.

If two objects are very massive, as in the case of the sun and the earth, then the gravitational force between them will be strong, even when they’re far apart. That’s why the earth is held in its orbit by the gravitational pull of the sun, even though the sun is 93 million miles away.

The mass of a spaceship is very small compared to the mass of the earth or the sun. As a spaceship moves away from earth, the gravitational pull of the earth decreases until it is too weak to have an effect on the spaceship. But at every point in the universe, there is some gravitational force working on every object.

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4 thoughts on “Why Is There No Gravity in Space?”

  1. There is plenty of gravitational attraction between the Earth and the spaceship. That’s what keeps it in orbit. But an object in orbit is free falling toward the Earth. And the astronauts inside are freefalling at the same time. So it just seems like everything and everyone is floating, but they are actually all falling together–thanks to gravity!

  2. What we consider to be space (outside the Earth’s atmosphere) is gravity. In general, this area is conidered to have micro-gravity. As has been pointed out, when orbiting and object is in constant free-fall so that the object is moving tangentially away from the object at the same rate as it falls towards its surface due to gravity.

    However, there are points in space where there is no gravitational pull but gravity still exists. These are called saddlepoints. A saddlepoint is the point where the pull from two objects are equally balanced. For Example, there is only one point where the pull of the moon is equal to the pull of the earth (in opposition to the moon’s pull); at this point there is no gravitational pull as forces are balanced. Theres is still gravity, just no pull.

  3. i dont get it. if there’s gravity in space, then why do a lot of people say there is NO gravity in space?

  4. Everything in the Earth’s atmosphere is pulled towards the center of the Earth where the epicentre of the Earth’s gravity is. When people say “I wonder if I keep digging I will end up in Australia?” well, you would most likely burn. Other than that you would float in the centre of the Earth.

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