Can We Build Cities on the Moon?

Even though there is no air, no wind, and no water on the moon, that is not the major problem in building a moon city. Neither is the engineering that great a problem. The real problem in colonizing the moon is its temperature.

Here on earth, we are not accustomed to great variations in temperature. The lowest temperature ever recorded on earth was -126° in Antarctica, and the highest was 136° in Libya, North Africa. Yet there are places in the tropics where there is no change at all.

Compare that with temperature changes on the moon. The side facing the sun reaches 260°F during the day, hotter than any place on earth. During the two-week lunar night, however, the temperature drops to -280° F, colder than any place on earth. That represents an extreme variation of 540° F.

There is also the danger on the moon of radiation from the sun, since the moon has no atmosphere, or surrounding layers of gases, to filter out that radiation. Then, too, the landing of meteoroids always presents a problem on the moon’s surface.

Clearly, any permanent cities we would build on the moon would probably have to be 100% enclosed.

People outdoors on the moon would have to talk to each other by radio since there is no air to carry sound!

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6 thoughts on “Can We Build Cities on the Moon?”

  1. I think building the city is not that hard, the location will be on the south pole, according to NASA the moons south pole is the perfect place to inhabit,
    they will have to build a big buble glass and plant trees or have a huge O2 tanks,
    as for the power they will chose either solar cells or nuclear reactor or bouth.

  2. wow awesome,
    you also can build a house, hotel and everything you want to build in the moon
    O.M.G that’s really really awesome!

  3. Yes the moon is made of cheese. all cows came from mars and on there way, thay droped of 1000000 gallons of milk and it turned into cheese. Every moon is cheese that is why our galaxy is called the “MILKY way”

    And also yes watching too much TV dose give you square eyes.
    And also also yes santa is real.
    And also also also yes my sarcasm can be seen from the cheddar moon.

  4. I heard that only one side of the moon ever gets sun light so why not giant solar panels, Advertise to the pot head hippies. :)
    If the project works, Next will be mars but will it end there? Jupiter is made of gas.

    And for all who think it will never happen, Just look at what HAS happened. 200 years ago just getting to the moon was impossible now look! we have been there and sent robots even further! So why can’t this be possible maybe not now, maybe not in 1000 years. But to say we will never get out their, that we will be stuck on this rock for ever. Dose that “fact” not sound sad to you.
    A space dome would be like a space station but bigger. ever seen the simpsons movie a bit like that… but on the moon. If FOX can do it in a cartoon we can do it for real;)

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