Did Centaurs Ever Live?

A centaur is an imaginary animal which existed only in the mythology of the ancient Greeks. It was a kind of monster which was half-human, half-horse. The top half of the centaur’s body was that of a human, and the bottom part was the body of a horse.

According to the myths, centaurs lived in the mountains of Northern Greece. They were lawless and wild. In art, centaurs are often shown holding bows and arrows. The wisest and kindest centaur in Greek mythology was Chiron, who was taught archery and medicine by the god Apollo.

You might be familiar with this creature who is half-man, half-horse. It appears on the zodiac as the sign of Sagittarius, the archer. The characteristics of this astrological sign are somewhat like those of the centaurs of ancient times. Sagittarians are known to be cheerful, independent, restless, and freedom-loving.