Do Animals Live Everywhere on Earth?

The climate of the earth varies a great deal from place to place, yet animals can adapt and survive under almost all conditions.

Some creatures, like the snail, can survive temperatures of 50 degrees below zero, while certain one-celled animals can live in water with a temperature of over 120 degrees.

Man can live in the frozen wastes of Siberia, where the temperature may reach 75 degrees below zero, or in the broiling desert where temperatures climb to over 125 degrees.

Some fish live in the deepest parts of the ocean, where the pressure of the water is so great that no person could survive there even for a moment. Goats and llamas live high in the mountains where only mosses grow.

Camels and kangaroo rats live in the hottest deserts, along with cacti and insects, while penguins and seals live in the frozen polar regions. In fact, almost every square foot of soil on earth contains worms, insects, and one-celled animals, and every drop of water contains tiny plants and animals.

We can say that, except for the coldest regions of the North and South Poles, and a few completely barren parts of the deserts and mountains, animals live everywhere on earth.