Do Elephants Really Have Good Memories?

The elephant’s memory has been greatly exaggerated. It does remember many things, but the statement, “An elephant never forgets,” is not true. Some people used to think that elephants particularly remembered an injury, but this does not seem to be true either.

Well-trained elephants can learn and remember about thirty spoken orders. Once they have learned these, elephants can be used as workers or as performers. They are gentle animals and do well at both jobs.

Even though an elephant can weigh up to 14,000 pounds, its brain tips the scales at a mere 11 pounds!

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  1. I always thought that because elephants have such close family units, and have been known to visit a relative’s “grave”, was the reasoning behind the saying, “An elephant never forgets.”

  2. when i was quite young i was taken to a circus in the city and i stood beside an elephant that wore a huge leg iron to keep him or her in place before going in front of the human circus. i always remember feeling very sad for this huge magnificent creature. he/she belonged out in a forest or something. not in the middle of a city. tonight i saw a doco on tv about elephants that explode and go on a rampage. i always side with the elephant. naturally the humans kill him. why not? he is not complying with the rules. i say good on the elephant for saying go to hell you human bastards.

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