Do Roosters Lay Eggs?

A rooster is, of course, a male chicken, and only hens, or female chickens, lay eggs.

rooster outdoors

But every now and then, a disease may cause a rooster to change its gender and become a hen, or vice-versa. Some of these roosters-turned-hens have actually laid eggs.

But this still does not mean that a rooster can lay an egg; it’s still true that only a female chicken can lay an egg. The most we can say about the rooster’s egg-laying ability is that some roosters that turn into hens can lay eggs.

Sometimes, small, misshapen eggs found in a hen house are called “rooster’s eggs.” But these are simply hen eggs that failed to develop properly.

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17 thoughts on “Do Roosters Lay Eggs?”

  1. No The Rooster Does Not Lay Egg.
    Roosters Are A Male There Is A Diffrence
    Between Hen’s & Roosters Because
    Hens Are Females & Roosters Are Males.
    So The Answer Is That No Roosters
    Does Not Lay Eggs !

  2. Yep folks, I actually got up this morning to confirm what my wife has been trying to tell me for a couple months. I have this chicken that has a hens body and dull colors, but it has wattles and spurs and it is the crowing thing every morning it will wake anybody up. O-Yea, one more thing, “IT LAYS THE BIGEST EGGS I’VE SEEN FOR A BANTAM”. I don’t know just what to call it. The other chickens kind of pick on it so we kept it in during the cold weather and this morning we got up and the pretties egg was in the front of the cage just as white as could be. Now explain how a chicken can have the big wattles and comb and spurs, big spurs, and crow like crazy, but will lays egg. Now I’m sure I’m not the only person that has one of these roohens or whatever you call it. We named it sweetpea because it’s so nice. I think it’s a hen that crows and has big spurs. I just had to share this, thanks, Chan

  3. I have a hen that craw like a rooster. I always thought it is a roaster, but her body looks like a hen. today I found her/his fist egg. 1/2 size of regular egg. greenish color.

  4. Oh, by the way roosters do lay atleast a small egg. Here in Africa, it happens once in a while. The eggs they lay are really small, almost the size of a bird’s. Now i don’t know why but it is true, many people have witnessed it in their lifetime here in Africa including me.

  5. That happened to me recently! I thought my mom was mistaken, but when I saw the size of the egg, which was about 1/2 the size of a quail’s, and I was pretty baffled, mostly cuz the roosters I have all look like they should and the hen’s eggs were all regular sized.

    My mom said she’s seen it happen while growing up in the Philippines, so I don’t think roosters have to have some sex-changing disease to lay an egg.

  6. Anyone here heard of the word hermaphrodite?
    No one questions frogs changing sex – (yes, African frogs)
    Having a chicken with both sexes sounds quite possible, as we do have humans which have both, and not through surgical means either.

  7. That brown/white thing is obviously untrue. This whole question is ridiculous. “Males” by definition can’t mother children. There’s no “disease” that lets men bear life. They’re hermaphrodites.

  8. We have a hen who was a normal hen for months then gradually turned cockerel. She has huge wattles, a big floppy crest, spurs, crows, mounts the other hens and no longer lays eggs.

    Now we have a second hen, the same age as the first, also developing huge wattles and a big floppy crest. She still lays eggs so we’re hoping they won’t start fighting.

    I’m starting to wonder if I’m doing something wrong with my hens!

  9. We slaughtered a young roo who was extra, only to find that it did not have testes. I don’t know what organs to expect in a hen, as I always keep them for eggs. I did find an odd bunch of little white ‘grains’ of various sizes up against the spine which I took for developing eggs. So I think I had a roo hen as well.
    Thing is my rooster never attacked this one either, and he did the definite roo that came with this one. It’s possible that he knew her for what she was, while I was fooled by those long spurs and big comb. It never crowed, but I took that for a passive rooster.. Live and learn..

  10. i put one young cockeral in a cage a way from the hens becouse i didnt wont to keep another cockeral but what i can not understand it started to lay eggs so i put it back in with the other hens but has now turned in to a big ass cockeral it acts like a cockeral it and treads the hens and our old cockeral really does not like him (+_+)

  11. I bought 14 chicks this last spring,wanting to have a few laying hens to produce eggs. I was raised on a farm so I am familiar with animals, I thought I could recognise a rooster when I saw one. I butchered 7 roosters yesterday and every one had small egg yokes inside, I thought it might be the laying mash I am feeding my hens, I think it has hormones in it, could this make the roosters have eggs. I’ve never seen one lay an egg but am very disappointed that I may have loped the head off of one my layers. I an no dumb s–t when it comes to animals and this has me stumped. Thanks

  12. I have a Naked Neck Chicken ( rooster) He has a Crown and waddles, Squakes like a Turkey and I found him/her laying green eggs. I have never seen this, But It really happens.. I am gonna record it and put it on YouTube…

  13. roosters do lay eggs, i found 1 in his cage… my grandma says its bad luck… she also said that when they hatch its not even a chicken or rooster that comes out its an alligator thats very venomous so please, don’t raise them, it jumps and bites watevers in its path .. basically a dinosaur

  14. We have laying chook 2 years old and now flaps is wings before crowing with a frog in its
    And she still lays eggs

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