How Are Meteor Showers Dangerous and How Far Above the Earth Do Most Meteors Burn Up?

There have been several reports of falling meteorites killing both people and livestock, but only a few of these seem credible.

The most well known documented fatality from a meteorite impact is that of an Egyptian dog that was killed in 1911, although this report is highly disputed.

The first known modern case of a human hit by a space rock occurred on 30 November 1954 in Sylacauga, Alabama.

Ann Hodges was badly bruised after the meteorite bounced off her radio in her living room.

The Hodges meteorite, also known as the Sylacauga meteorite, is an exhibit at the Alabama Museum of Natural History.

Most meteors burn up long before they reach Earth’s surface.

Shooting stars, as they are nicknamed, first appear about 70 miles above Earth.

They die out by the time they are 40 miles above Earth.