How Big is an Ostrich Egg and How Much Bigger is the Largest Bird Egg Than a Chicken Egg?

An ostrich egg is about four inches tall and four to five inches wide, and weigh over three pounds.

ostrich egg

Ostriches are oviparous, and females will lay their fertilized eggs in a single communal nest, in a pit.

The eggs are glossy cream-colored, with thick shells marked by small pits.

There’s about as much yolk and egg white in an ostrich egg as in twenty chicken eggs.

To hard-boil an ostrich egg would take about forty minutes.

The male ostrich defends the hatchlings and the survival rate is quite low for the hatchlings, as predators like hyenas, jackals, and vultures love to eat them as snacks.

It’s not all it’s cracked up to Be.