How Did Eggs and Rabbits Become Associated with the Celebration of Easter?

Easter began as the most joyous of Christian holidays to celebrate the rebirth of Christ. Since Easter comes at the same time as spring, when new life begins with growth and rebirth in nature, many ancient people honored the coming of spring.

Ancient Egyptians and Persians celebrated the coming of spring by coloring and eating eggs, for eggs were a symbol of fertility and new life.

The Christians adopted the egg as their symbol of new life as well. In the early days of the church, eggs were forbidden food during Lent, the period before Easter. But when Lent ended, people were glad to eat eggs again and made it a tradition to eat them on Easter Sunday. They also gave eggs to their children.

The hare, or rabbit, was also part of the celebration of spring long before Christianity. In Ancient Egypt, the hare was thought to have some connection with the moon, since this small animal comes out to eat only at night. Since the moon also symbolized the beginning of a new life, so did the hare, or rabbit.

The wearing of new clothes on Easter Sunday is also a symbol of a new beginning. It is the casting off of old clothes and the wearing of new ones!

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2 thoughts on “How Did Eggs and Rabbits Become Associated with the Celebration of Easter?”

  1. Fascinating insight to how bizarre and twisted Baal worship is represented and the relevence to rabbits and the moon. “Rabbits” are THE preferred instrument magicians like Mandrake use(d) and references have appeared consistantly throughout history to this species – easily interpreted against what can be seen on the moon in the night sky.

    Since an Easter Bunny is clearly and easily interpreted, and the unique features of a critter that by contrast to all of nature are born eyes wide open while assigning its gender weeks after birth, we can derive scripture reference in the Bible points to this thing that like thieves in the night, knaw on the vine – whereby every farmer will tell you will sack crops like nothing else.

    Indeed beware Greeks baring gifts “rabbits” (preferably called “emanons”) were commonly used as extortion tactic to dissemate a culture’s livelihood in agriculture. It’s also believed the presence of this thing makes people a bit ditsy – and like some kind of worm, seems almost metaphysically operate like a vacuum.

    A new phenomenon has taken shape in northern California where wheat based products that are “Rabbit Approved” are popping up in almost every major grocery outlet. Sort of a, “mark of the beast” – and extremely offensive. Yet, anomoly occurs where people get quite giddy and dismissive over it.

    The Catholic Institutional conditioning context was pressured by Germans in the 1600’s to enter the “Easter Bunny” into custom, as sort of protest. Wheat based food is not quite the same as chocolate, being that rabbits don’t lay eggs but have litters.

    Yet, so many people don’t have a clue and will even distort the idea so severely as to say the custom represents an immaculate conception. Gross. Talk about blasphamy against the Holy Spirit! If Satan can’t cast out Satan, it’s easily derived that all of nature hates this species.. pointing to, “snake!” or “wolf!” and even, “that’s lion!”

    “Dont tread on me” represented by a snake incidentally in the American revolution probably had much to do with the colonialist being agriculture and farming like George Washington.

    It’s essential that we as a people work together as a team and nit get cross eyed over the issue. These pests are disarmingly cute and highly perceptive. They need to be assigned away from all of nature on an island in the middle of the Pacific away from everything else, perhaps governed by an owl – as prophesy might suggest under Isaiah.

  2. I believe everything you said was correct. I just wanted to add that Nimrod’s real name was Amrafel and he was killed by his great grand uncle Shem. And there’s a heck of alot more stuff that took place around that guy Nimron (Amrafal) that’s directly affecting all of our lives today. It’s insane! :-)

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