How did Eurasia And Gondwanaland Collide To Form India?

Many millions of years ago, all the continents may have formed a single landmass.

Many scientists now believe that this single landmass then broke to form two huge landmasses. These two landmasses later broke apart to form the continents.

One of these landmasses, called Gondwanaland, consisted of South America, Africa, Antarctica, Australia, and India. The other, called Laurasia, consisted of North America and Eurasia.

Then how did India, once part of Gondwanaland, become part of Eurasia? According to some scientists, the two large landmasses began to break up about 250 million years ago. Pieces of Gondwanaland, including the one that now forms India, drifted away from the other pieces of Gondwanaland at a rate of up to six inches a year.

Eventually, India “collided” with the landmass of Eurasia and became part of that super continent. This collision pushed up the Himalaya Mountains, the highest on earth!