How Did Izanagi Try To Resurrect His Wife Izanami In Japanese Mythology?

Enraged at his wife’s death, Izanagi cut off Kagusutchi’s head.

Still, this act did little to ease his grief. Desperate, Izanagi went searching for Izanami in Yomi, the world of darkness where spirits dwell.

Izanami appeared at the entrance to Yomi and called to Izanagi. He begged her to return with him.

how did izanagi try to resurrect his wife izanami in japanese mythology scaled

From the shadows, Izanami told him that she would ask permission from the gods of Yomi. She warned him to stay away from her, but Izanagi was consumed with desire to see his wife again, and he lit a torch and descended into the gloom of Yomi.

Finally, by the glow of his torch light, Izanagi saw that Izanami was no longer his beautiful wife, but a rotting corpse covered with maggots.

Furious that her husband had ignored her warning, Izanami and the howling spirits of Yomi chased Izanagi.

When Izanagi had at last reached the entrance to Yomi, he rolled a boulder across the opening, shutting in Izanami and the foul spirits and placing a permanent barrier between life and death.

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