How Did Queen Maeve Die In Irish Mythology and How Did Forbai Avenge the Invasion of Ulster?

A young man named Forbai, who the son of an Ulster king, was not satisfied with the peace.

He swore he would get revenge for Queen Maeve’s ruinous war. Forbai knew that Queen Maeve bathed every day in a pool outside her castle.

One day, he slipped into Connacht and measured the exact distance between the pool where she bathed and the place where he had come ashore.

He returned to Ulster and practiced firing his sling shot over that distance.

When he had complete faith in his aim, Forbai traveled back to Connacht and waited tensely as Queen Maeve stepped into her pool.

He loaded a rock into his sling shot and launched it, striking the queen in the forehead and killing her instantly.

The invasion of Ulster was avenged.