How Did Rama Rescue Sita In Hindu Mythology and Why Did the Monkey King Help Rama?

While Rama and Lakshman desperately searched for Sita, they met a monkey king.

Weeping, the monkey king told them that his evil brother had wrongfully seized his throne.

He promised to help Rama and Lakshman find Sita if they helped him recover his kingdom. Agreeing to the plan, Rama and Lakshman killed the evil brother.

In gratitude, the monkey king ordered his monkeys to travel all over India in search of Sita. They finally found her imprisoned with Ravana on the distant island of Ceylon, known as Sri Lanka today.

Rama traveled to the coast and demanded that Ocean grant him passage to the island.

After Rama angrily launched several arrows into the sea, Ocean told him to seek the aid of the god Nala.

Nala, a skilled builder, directed the monkeys to construct a bridge of trees and boulders to the island. When the bridge was completed after only five days, Rama led an army of monkeys into battle against the Rakshas.

For days, the armies clashed in bloody warfare.

The powerful Rakshas were slain until only Ravana himself remained alive. Rama and Ravana dueled for days.

Finally, Rama launched a holy arrow into Ravana’s body, killing him.