Who Was Rama In Hindu Mythology and How Did Rama Prove His Strength To King Janaka?

Rama was one of the most famous avatars of Vishnu in Hindu mythology.

His story is told in the massive Indian epic Ramayana.

The son of a king, Rama grew into a handsome and powerful young warrior.

He proved his strength in the foreign court of King Janaka.

The king owned a bow once used by the god Shiva that was so large that no one could even lift or bend it.

Rama hefted the tremendous weapon and pulled it back until it snapped in two.

Impressed by Rama’s display of power, King Janaka gave Rama his beautiful daughter, Sita, in marriage.

Rama returned to his kingdom, but his evil stepmother created a plot that banished Rama and his new wife to the wild jungles outside the palace.