How did the Subarctic Native Peoples live in the cold winter?

Because it was too cold to farm, Subarctic Natives spent the winter following herds of caribou and moose.

Aside from being their main source of food, these animals provided the Natives with skins, from which they made clothes and houses, and bones, which they crafted into tools and weapons.

When hunting, people usually traveled in small groups made up of only a few families. Each group was led by a skilled hunter, who determined when and where the band should move their camp. Like Plains Indians, Subarctic Natives on the hunt lived in portable cone-shaped tents made from wood and hides that people could put up and take down quickly and easily.

During the long, harsh winters, Subarctic Natives traveled in small bands hunting for caribou. They carried tents of wood covered in hides, were easy to set up and transport.