How do I find out how much I weigh on another planet like Jupiter?

Multiply your weight by 2.4. That’s how much you weigh on Jupiter.

For the sake of clarity, let’s say you weighed an even 100 pounds. On Jupiter, you’d weigh about 240. Multiply your same 100 pounds by .38 and discover that on Mercury you’d be about 38 pounds.

On the moon (multiply by .17), about 17, and the sun (multiply by 27.07), 2,707 pounds. You could figure out the other planets on your own with a pretty simple equation, but you’d have to know the mass of each planet and how far its surface is from its core . . . a little over most of our heads.

how do i find out how much i weigh on another planet like jupiter

It’s easier to search for a planetary weight calculator on-line. In the meantime, however, these four formulas are freebies. Impress your friends.

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