How Do I Use the Drippings From a Roast Chicken?

No. If you have to ask, you don’t deserve them.

Pour off the fat, scrape the rest of the “ook” into a jar, and ship it to me by overnight express.

Seriously, this stuff is composed of marvelously flavorful juices and gels, and it would be a crime to feed it to your dishwashing machine.

I have often thought that if I were a king or an emperor, I would order my cooks to roast a hundred chickens, throw them to the peasants, and serve the combined drippings to me on a silver platter along with several loaves of crusty French bread.

Or else I would soon have a barrel of the best gravy ever made, because all those wonderful fats, chicken juices, protein gels, and browned bits are the flavor foundations of great gravies.

Still confused? Make a gravy from the drippings, duh. Or just pour the juices all over the bird after you’ve carved it.