How Much Water Does a Cow Drink in a Day and Will its Milk Taste Bad if it Eats Onions?

A cow can drink about a bathtub of water each day, which includes the moisture it receives from the wet grasses it eats.

dairy cow

Cows are ruminants, which means that they have a digestive system that reuses partially digested food by regurgitating and re-chewing them as “cud”.

Onions could definitely cause a cow’s milk to taste bad.

What a cow eats affects not only how much milk it will produce but also how its milk tastes.

Dairy farmers are careful to give their milk cows foods that won’t make the milk taste bad.

Onions are definitely not on their feed list for cows.

It is recently reported that cattle farming is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gases, and the production of cattle to feed and clothe humans negatively impacts the global ecosystem.