There are plenty of rules to follow in our lives as they are. Certain rules, however, assist. For instance, the rules that dictate the way you dress. Of course, each man or woman with opinions on these matters has personal experience to share – and there is no doubt that the style that works for one individual does not always work for the other, and what’s good for one person may be considered boring or too trendy by one. When dressing the way you want to, these suggestions must be taken as a whole. They’re good ideas, but not the final word on fashion.


classy suit

The secret to looking great in a suit is being well-fitted. If you’re buying off the rack, be sure to look for the shape across the shoulders, as having your chest and waist adjusted is fairly simple in the opinion of Davide Taub, head of custom suiting in Savile Row tailor Gieves & Hawkes. “Be cautious when you wear an outfit that is suited for the period without a period look, as in isolation, the suit begins to appear like a novelty,” Taub says. Classic is the best and most effective Dark, two-button, single-breasted, and moderately detailed. “It’s very stylish and not dull. A suit is an outfit. It is important to see this suit as a blank canvas to create different concepts of individuality. It’s how you wear the garment, not the tag inside, that makes it stand out.”


man watch
man watch

“A watch is an artwork,” argues Don Cochrane, the managing department director at British watchmaker Vertex. “Choose your watch only because you are passionate about it rather than because you think it could make profits. Wearables are personal to you and are a way to track your progress through the ages. However, you must have a practical approach.” Functional, aesthetic, and tough sports models can be worn with everything and withstand harsh punishments of wear and tear. But, a watch needs to be comfortable for your wrist. It must feel at ease and be in the right proportions of dimensions, and the depth of your wrist – 40mm is considered the “Goldilocks” size.


If you’re wearing casual or formal wear, enjoy the occasional splash of color. “Most men are frightened of color – they’re scared by anything that’s not gray or navy,” says menswear designer Oliver Spencer. “But colors aren’t just for the trendy.” For instance, a jacket in green, like a green suit, is a great choice for a luxurious look as well, and Spencer suggests mustard, pinks, greens, and more vibrant colors of blue, as versatile shades throughout the year that can elevate your outfit. However, he also says that it is best to limit your choices when it comes to color: “You just need a little bit, and in one outfit.”


couple wearing jeans
couple wearing jeans

The cut that is the most effective of the most adored clothes, according to Alex Mir, co-owner of the Sheffield-based label Forge Denim, is called slimly tapered. “It’s larger in the thigh and is comfortable. However, it narrows so it can be worn with sneakers or smart shoes,” he advises. “It’s the most versatile, year-round outfit-with-anything dress-up or down.” The smart dress in dark and untreated denim also gives the distressed jeans the denim a wider room. “The main benefit of wearing denim is that it gets older by how you wear it. Why not take advantage of this? To take advantage of best and cheap shoes click wholesale mens shoes.


This is the kind of advice that your mother could give, but if you’ve put money into and considered your clothes take care of them. Utilize wooden hangers for your shirts and shoe trees to store the best shoes. Have the outfit dry-cleaned; press your clothes often and ensure you don’t dry them in the tumble dryer (it could cause damage to the fabric); and polish your shoes. It’s not only the leather skin jacket that you have to care for. The same is true for the suit you wear every day. Create a simple yet solid grooming routine to take your time brushing your hair and removing your nail. The secret to success lies in the little things.

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